About Buenos Aires Spanish

My name is Fabiana A. Sordi, Spanish teacher, translator and editor, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, with twenty five years´ experience in teaching Spanish for foreigners.

After all these years teaching Spanish, both to foreigners and native people, I am convinced that the best way to learn Spanish is to live it.

So I decided to organize a unique and different experience in Spanish learning, where you can live Spanish, the Spanish of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This experience turned out to be “Buenos Aires Spanish”.

But what makes these Spanish courses different from others?

At Buenos Aires Spanish courses, you will find:

√ A personalized service which will make you feel at home.

√ Personal meeting at the Airport, where you will start to live Spanish.

√ Homestay with selected and cozy families, where you can practice Spanish.

√ Cozy apartments with 24 hours helpline.

√ Private one-on-one Spanish lessons for people of all ages and levels, focused on conversation.

√ Customized and tailor-made one-on-one Spanish courses for one (or two students), according to their age, needs, pace and interests.

√ Intensive Spanish programs in Argentina, with real contact with native people.

Online Spanish lessons, focused on conversation and on Argentine language and culture.

√ No coursebook to follow, but a variety of resources according to students´ age, needs and interests, taken from different textbooks, mostly from Latin America, authentic texts from newspapers, videos, movies, songs, comics, games, etc.

√ Activities where students meet local people, and practice Spanish.

√ A professional recognized Spanish teacher with proven experience in teaching, but also in other métiers related to language and literature: researching, translating, editing, proofreading and writing.

√ Cultural and social activities for all ages, meant for local people. At least one activity included in a Spanish immersion program. Free advice on many activities, most of them free of charge. (As a tango singer, I am also knowledgeable about all kinds of different events happening the year round, apart from my own concerts! Far from tango shows “for export”.)

√ Volunteering experience with local organizations, free of charge.

√ Excursions to local attractions, some of them even unknown to local people.

√ Accreditation as a Spanish professor from the University of Buenos Aires.

√ Accessible location in Belgrano area, where students can live Spanish day-by-day among native people, while close to touristic areas.

Cello lessons, focused on tango and music of Buenos Aires and Argentina.

√ No extra fees. No surprises.

If you are planning to take a Spanish course in Buenos Aires, and you would like to live the language, to become fluent, and to get to know the people in Argentina, just take a look at my students´ reviews, and read about their own one on one Spanish unique experiences.