About Me

spanishprofessorI have started teaching Spanish for foreigners twenty five years ago, while I was completing my studies of Literature and Spanish Language Teaching at the University of Buenos Aires. I have worked for several publishing houses for more than fifteen years (Alfaguara, Santillana, El Ateneo), translating and editing literature for children, editing and proofreading textbooks, writing didactic guides for Spanish teachers, selecting texts for books and writing preliminary studies on short stories and novels.

I have also worked as a Spanish translator for tv programs, such as National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel, I have ventured as a scripter of a prestigious Argentine tv program called "La Aventura del Hombre", and I have worked as a researcher for one of the most important biographies of Jorge Luis Borges, written by the current President of the Argentine Society of Writers, Alejandro Vaccaro.

At the same time, I have always been in contact with art and music, playing the flute and singing tango.

Teaching Spanish the way I do is a most rewarding experience, as it combines my passion for Spanish language with the opportunity to interact with people from different countries and cultures, who, in many cases, turn out to be friends.

If you need more information about my professional background, you can contact me to get my complete CV or you can simple search the Web for details.