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If you don`t speak Spanish, you may find difficult to move around the city. Here you have some Spanish basics for commuting.

Means of transport:

If you need to take the subway, the train or the bus, you should know in Buenos Aires we call them “subte”, “tren” and “colectivo”.

You need a communting card called “SUBE” to travel in the city. You can buy it in several places, e.g. in subway stations, where you can also load it.

To take the subway – “Tomar el subte”:

There are six subway lines: A, B, C, D, E y H.

The cost per trip is, for the time being, $ 16,50 (around U$ 0,40).

To take the train – “Tomar el tren”:

A train ticket is “un boleto de tren”.

One way ticket: “ida”.

To go and return: “ida y vuelta”.

To certain direction: “A…” For instance, to Retiro: “a Retiro”; to Tigre: “a Tigre”.

To take the bus – “Tomar el colectivo”:

There is a central station in Retiro, where you can take buses to travel around the country.

There are lots of bus lines within the city. You can check lines in this site:

The minimum fare is $ 16,50 (around U$ 0,40).

√ There are taxis and private taxis, called “remises”, UBER and other companies. For safety reasons, we suggest you to take always a “radio-taxi”.

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