Donya (Iran)

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It all began the desire for experiencing the Argentinean culture and lifestyle. I just wanted to see how people in Buenos Aires live, how they communicate and what they love.

This expectation seemed to be almost impossible. Normally as a stranger, without knowing anyone it is really hard to experience the real life in Argentina, especially if you have just a few weeks to travel.

So what I expected was kind of exaggerated. But now, after my five weeks stay in Buenos Aires with Fabiana and her very lovely family I did not only learn very fast Castellano de Argentina, but also saw what it means to be Argentinean. I had the chance to live in a really beautiful and lovely place with people I really adore and admire. Fabiana was not only a really good teacher but the best tourist guide I could imagine. She showed me all the alternative places and took me to events, which were completely unknown by tourists. She has always been interested in my person and in my interests. She works with passion.

But for me more important is that I won a really good friend, who always is going to be welcome in my house no matter where, no matter when.

A Spanish course with Fabiana was more than just a Spanish lesson. The time was definitely an unforgettable and precious experience.

Donya (Iran)