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Buenos Aires Spanish is the perfect individualized language immersion experience. I had one week to spend in Buenos Aires and enjoyed every bit of it. I felt my knowledge of Spanish improve exponentially, and I also was able to have the cultural experience I was looking for.

There is nothing like the opportunity to learn a language through one-on-one instruction with a highly experienced teacher. Fabiana provides customized teaching to suit your abilities and incorporates a variety of exercises to help with both expressive and receptive language. I had so much fun learning that every day. I was surprised at the end of class that 3 hours had gone by!

Thanks to Fabiana, I was able to experience the history and culture of Buenos Aires in a manner that matched my interests, instead of having to conform to pre-packaged tourist expeditions. I greatly valued volunteering at a soup kitchen and spending time at different sites honoring the memory of the Dissappeared: those tortured and killed during Argentina´s dictatorship 30 years ago. These experiences added deep meaning to my time here. It was wonderful to have this kind of help from Fabiana in making my entire stay very valuable.

I highly recommend this program. From the classes to the homestay with local families, you feel very welcomed during your time.


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