Jules (Australia)

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I spent eight weeks between September and November 2009 learning with Fabiana at Buenos Aires Spanish in Buenos Aires and was very impressed.

She was able to teach me the Spanish which I needed to know at a pace and in a way which suited me. It was not done according to any script as some of the major language schools will do.

If you are interested in a tailor-made language course which involves predominantly spoken practice but also some written work then Buenos Aires Spanish is an excellent option & better value than the majority of the language schools.

Quite apart from the actual language, Fabiana and her family made me feel very welcome and helped me to learn about the city in which I lived. She was keen to introduce me to a number of cultural events happening and point out things worth doing, many of which were free of charge. She also was very helpful in organising accommodation which was friendly, traditional and very good value.

If you want a factory line product where you show up, perform the exercises and then leave, Buenos Aires Spanish is not for you. If you want to learn a language according to your needs and experience a great deal more than just classroom education, I would very much recommend Fabiana. If in doubt, I would be pleased to answer any queries by email.

Jules Holliday, Perth, Western Australia