Kim (Canada)

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With so many Spanish schools to choose from in Buenos Aires I decided to register with Fabiana for a variety of reasons. Not only does she offer personalized instruction with materials and content appropriate to each student’s level and interest, she provides comfortable and convenient accommodation with local families who have a genuine interest in hosting foreign students.

She is also supportive of individual student needs. I went to Buenos Aires with my five year old daughter and needed her to be cared for while I studied for three hours per day. Fabiana was able to coordinate everything perfectly so that I didn’t have to worry about my daughter and could devote my attention to the lessons.

My two week course focussed on language acquisition through cultural themes. As I developed my skills I learned about the origins of tango and lunfardo, the Perons and Argentine politics, current events and porteño culture, and important figures in Argentine art, sport, music and literature including Diego Maradona, Carlos Gardel and Jorge Luis Borges.

Besides helping me improve my Spanish, Fabiana met us at the airport, got us to our homestay, took us on an outing to El Caminito, invited us to an evening musical performance, and suggested appropriate excursions for my daughter and I. Overall our experience in Buenos Aires was positive and memorable thanks to the efforts and support of Fabiana and her family. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to others who plan to study in this amazing and often overwhelming city.

Kimberley Sarsons, CANADA