Milena (Serbia)

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Before traveling to Buenos Aires, I had studied Spanish for 11 months, but not in a “traditional” way: reading and listening Spanish texts on the Web, not paying attention to grammar. So I wanted to take advantage of my short stay in Buenos Aires (one week) to improve my Spanish. I was about to enroll at one of those typical schools (where you can attend a course with a group of foreign students and where you spend most of the time speaking English) when I saw Fabiana`s page and Buenos Aires Spanish.

I liked her school description at first sight, because it promised to be a unique experience. And, in fact, from my first minute in Buenos Aires, everything went on as I was expecting. Fabiana lodged me at a very beautiful house, with very nice hosts and a very domestic atmosphere. The neighborhood was nice and safe, and I had everything I needed very near my house. I had many chats with my host, and I was very happy to use my Spanish in authentic situations.

Fabiana`s Spanish lessons were great! She is a full experienced teacher, so she can easily identify weak points in her students and design a program according to their needs. However, what I liked most was her way to explain the grammar rules. I usually ask many questions about grammar: why?, how?, and why not like this?… and I like clear and precise explanations. Fabiana clarified so many doubts about Spanish grammar! She also was very patient with my crazy plan about doing everything in a week: to learn Spanish, but also to see the most I could in Buenos Aires.