Peter (USA)

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My six weeks of being in Argentina and four weeks of studying Spanish have been a wonderful experience. I still am not bilingual, but have learned much.If I could spend six months or a year here, I might accomplish that. Just listening to people on the street, reading signs and advertisements, and hearing Spanish on the radio have helped quite a bit.

The Argentine people are very congenial and helpful, and will try to determine your needs. Most speak far better English than my meagre Spanish.

Fabiana has been a very good teacher and also helpful in planning trips and especially in the day to day routine of getting from one place to another, which is no small thing when one is totally new to a foreign city of this size. Through her I have learned to navigate the train system and also the subte network.

I especially liked staying in an apartment while here and away from the center of the city; commuting by train almost every day to the center or some other points of interest; of course, also by subte. I believe I was the only non-argentinian living in the building. All of this made me feel almost like a native. Shopping for food in local markets and eating in some local restaurants and cafés also made me feel at home.

I will miss Argentina and Buenos Aires very much. And, of course, I will miss Fabiana, Pablo and Julia.

Peter Solovey (USA)