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One of my Spanish students, with a great sense of humor, have written some articles about his experiences in Buenos Aires.

An “asado” is a barbeque with an Argentina twist. Wood is burned to creat coals, and after the wood has burned away and only the coals are left, the meat is cooked. I suppose this process started when the “gauchos” cooked their meat ala “home on the range”. In any case, this slow cook method produces juicy, savory meat. Fabiana (my poor, anguised Spanish teacher) and her husband Pablo invited my sister, brother-in-law and me to join them in a family asado with their daughter, Julia.

Our master chef, Pablo has cooked up some beef that turned out much better than what the gauchos prepared for me at the estancia (ranch). Pablo is a professional musician (cello, guitar) but there might be a second career in the offing. Daughter Julia dressed up and prepared a performance of a Tango song with her father. Julia has already made her debut in several TV commercials. Later, Fabiana, who sings professionally, delighted all with beautiful renditions of several Tango melodies. I offered to sing but everyone decided it was time to go home.

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