Reiner (New Zealand)

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Since I retired from my scientific research position nine years ago at the age of 65, I did a lot of travelling.

My knowledge of languages (English, German and French) proved to be very helpful but less so in Central- and South America. So I decided to dedicate some of my time to learning Spanish although retaining new vocabulary is very difficult at my age. My decision to spend a month in Buenos Aires as part of this exercise turned out to be very beneficial with full immersion and family contact during home stay. Now I plan to continue to draw on Fabiana’s teaching with the help of Skype.

Buenos Aires Spanish in the person of Fabiana, who speaks with exceptionally clear diction, provided excellent Spanish tuition, accommodation to my own taste and a wealth of local knowhow. All of this greatly enriched my stay in Buenos Aires.

Reiner Goguel, Wellington (New Zealand)