Fiona (Ireland)

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I decided to take a sabbatical from work and travel around SA for 3 months however my Spanish was very limited, basically HOLA and DOS CERVEZA POR FAVOR – that was it!

I got Fabiana’s details online and started communicating about potential lessons. She came across as extremely professional, friendly, helpful and articulate.

Fabiana organised my first 2 weeks in Buenos Aires, met me on arrival at the airport and arranged for me to stay with a lovely family in a beautiful house very close to all amenities.

We started our lessons on day 1, it was difficult to begin with but lessons were fun and with everyday I felt more and more confident. The lessons were structured in such a way that it was easy to learn. Fabiana’s passion for her native language is apparent and I feel very privileged that she taught me for 3 hours every day for 2 weeks! She has the patience of a saint!

Along with lessons, I was invited to a family BBQ (asado) and to an open air concert which was a great experience.

These 2 weeks gave me the confidence to travel around SA and it was amazing when people could understand what you were saying or asking! Even better to be able to communicate and understand what people said to you!

I have since returned to London and have engaged in more Spanish classes, I love the language and one day with any luck, I will speak fluently – all thanks to Fabiana!