John (USA)

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My Last year, I decided to visit Argentina for nine weeks in the Spring of 2013. Although three groups of friends planned to join me in Argentina at different times during my stay, I still had sufficient time available to improve my rather limited Spanish language skills. I decided that “Buenos Aires Spanish” offered a program that was appealing. I arrived with high hopes and quickly found that Fabiana’s teaching ability and program of instruction exceeded my expectations.

Fabiana is a very gifted teacher of Spanish. She is quite sensitive to the language abilities and limitations of her students (in my case, considerable limitations), and she targeted my specific areas of weakness (a target rich environment for sure) by using various teaching aids, of which she seemed to have a large supply. I found her to be patient and very perceptive of my needs. She teaches standard Spanish as well as the Argentina variants, and her fluency in English helped me to quickly understand the meanings of words and phrases when I couldn’t grasp them in Spanish. In addition, I got to know something about the cultural and artistic aspects of the country, and she was very helpful in my efforts to understand the Buenos Aires transportation system and find things to do and see.

I have taken group language lessons in Spain and one-on-one instructions in Mexico. Fabiana’s program far exceeds my experience with any of these other language schools. If a person is serious about learning Spanish and getting to know something about the culture of Argentina, then this is a great value. And besides all of this, you get to do it in a beautiful and interesting city. So, what’s there not to like about this deal?