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In the suburbs of the big city of Buenos Aires, there are several hidden places waiting to be discovered by locals and foreigners who want to learn Spanish language and culture.

San Isidro is a residential area north of Buenos Aires, elegant and attractive, with beautiful colonial houses which make you travel back to the eigthteenth century.

You can get there by train or by car. But, undoutbtedly, the best way to explore those cobblestone streets, is on foot. You can visit the neo-Gothic cathedral and the History Museum, or enjoy lunch along the riverside with spectacular river views.

During the weekend, the open market opposite to the cathedral offers a great variety of crafts, including excellent pieces of jewellery.

If you take the touristic train called “Tren de la costa”, on the way to San Isidro, you can make a stop in two interesting and unique spots.

The first: Barrancas, where you will find an extensive antiques´market, with marvelous objects.

The second: the organic and natural food market called “Sabe la tierra”, a name difficult to translate because it refers both to the taste of the Earth and to its knowledge. There, you can enjoy exquisite dishes under the shadow of magnificent trees.

An area to get the feel of the city, which most of the tourists do not visit.

A perfect place to learn about Argentine History, and get involved in the culture of Buenos Aires, while practicing the Spanish language.

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